At Rowcon, Construction no job is too small or big for us, we can build your dream house, carry on renovations in your existing dwelling, extend your house by building extension the back, convert your attic for that extra room you always wanted. We can also tender for public works.

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In purchasing a home, there are three ways at present to do this — purchase a pre-existing house, purchase a home from a developer newly built. Or build a new house with the help of a professional contractor.

Each of these options have benefits and disadvantages. However, without a doubt, a new build will be nearest to your dream home. With the latter, to accomplish building your dream home, you need to work alongside an experienced construction company.

New builds made by Rowcon Construction Ltd can be characterised by great value with quality workmanship. Are housing developments are constructed with high-quality materials and conform to the latest building standards. Because of this, they stand the test of time and, in-turn, have a greater resale value.

FAQ – New Builds
  • The most cost-effective — the newest technologies and innovations are used in new builds, which means better efficiency in energy, leading to cost savings.
  • Low maintenance rate — new builds don’t need any refurbishments and repairs for several years, which can definitely be less of a worry when buying
  • Peace of mind — new builds enjoy several years of warranty, which lets you live knowing that if there are any issues, they can be taken care of swiftly
  • Safety and security — new builds can be safety and security focussed with better implementation of smoke alarms, burglar alarms and other security systems
  • new builds don’t have to be terraced — detached houses have better privacy and provide much more space around the house; it’s also much easier to sell a house which is detached.
  • everything is new — all appliances will work perfectly well as they are completely new and there will be no need for renovations in the near future

Renovations are a large part of our business, and we carry out projects from bathroom upgrades to whole house renovations.

We have successfully delivered housing renovations throughout our tenure to many of our clients in every location throughout Ireland. Our team are experienced in designing, planning and executing refurbishments that will add value to your family space and secondly to the value of the house.

Our passion shows when working towards redefining your home space.
Contact our team today to discuss and arrange a no-obligation visit to discuss your needs and let us direct you forward on the best possible route to upgrading your home to create a more energy-efficient and beautiful home.

Housing Extensions can be a daunting task but sit down and discuss your vision with our team and, together, we can plan to make your dream a reality. Through our vast experience in this sector we can show you how to carry out your works in the quickest and most undisruptive way possible for you and your family.

When space becomes an issue. A house extension allows you to save versus the cost of moving and provides you with additional space, reduced hassle and refreshes the property overall.

Extensions do come with some preparation, which you must be aware of. Some examples to be considered before proceeding with a house extension are:

  • The amount of space you have available
  • The amount of money you have for the whole project
  • The soil conditions of the ground where the building is being planned
  • Trees and foliage
  • Flooding history
  • Local building regulations and planning permissions

At Rowcon Construction, as well as our extensive experience in residential works, we also have similar experience in public works working with local councils and local amenities.

Relevant Experience – What we do:
  • Footpaths
  • Council renovations, including roads
  • Staff Accommodation, Retail and Office Building Works
  • Pump stations and control building for water services
  • Operational Areas
  • Car Parks
  • School extensions

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